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Top 5 Highest paying jobs in USA : Find Top Paying Jobs in in 2022

1.33 lakh Indian students traveled abroad in 2022 in which the USA standing with the highest entry. After Covid-19, USA witnessed an increase of up to 12% in 2021 in the influx of international students. Choosing to study in USA doesn’t require a detailed explanation as international students are aware of what this investment can benefit them in return. 

While quality education, recognised academics are one section, the ability to work in the top Highest paying jobs in USA list serves a higher demand. The USA economy is great which is why international students can find the most paid jobs in USA or the highest paying careers in USA easily. If you’re looking to build your career in this most demanded study destination, this blog covers all essential details related to highest paying jobs for international students in USA. 

Which Are The High Paying Jobs In USA?

BLS has revealed that USA is expected to have good job growth of 11.5 million between 2016 to 2026. This will open multiple opportunities for international students in the job field. Pursuing a career in USA can help you earn better pay if it’s in demand with the country. 

Thus here is an overview of the high paying jobs in USA:

JobsAverage Salary 
Airline Pilots, Co-pilots, Flight Engineers202,180 USD/year
Nurse Anesthetists195,610 USD/year
Chief Executives179,520 USD/year
Dentists and other related specialists175,160 USD/year
General Pediatricians170,480 USD/year

Highest Paying Jobs In USA: Recruiter Edition

The profit driven brands that you hear of in the news, most of them are USA based companies. While work experience and the determination to work is one way to find a good job in USA, searching for the right recruiters from these top brands can avail you a golden ticket to build your career well. 

Here is an overview of the best paid jobs in USA based on the top recruiters:

RecruitersAverage Median Salary
Alphabet295,884 USD/year
Facebook292,785 USD/year
Twitter232,626 USD/year
Netflix201,743 USD/year
Invesco187,854 USD/year

Which Startup Offers Top Paying Jobs In USA?

While you are aware of the top brands, USA is also known for its well established startup growth. Slicon valley is renowned because it is the hub where multiple technology, internet and software companies reside. These startups are major contributors towards the USA economy. 

Here is an overview of the popular ones:

StartupsAverage Salary
Plantronics INC101,367 USD/year
Virtusa Corporation100, 830 USD/year
Docusign INC100,839 USD/year
Aricent INC100,850 USD/year
Tibco Software INC100,884 USD/year

List Of Best Paid Jobs In USA After Studying Stem Courses 

Did you know that close to 81% of international students opt for US STEM courses? 

USA supports such students who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in contributing a research solution that can impact the economic growth of the country.

Here is an overview of the top ones:

JobsAverage Median Salary
Nurse Practitioner111,680 USD/year
Information Security Analyst103,590 USD/year
Physician Assistant115,390 USD/year
Data Scientist98,230 USD/year
IT Manager151,150 USD/year

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Top 5 Highest Earning Jobs In USA After Studies

Once you graduate from any top USA universities, there is a range of job profiles that you can choose from. Based on your academic score and experience in a field, you can apply and get accepted in your dream company. 

Your highest salary jobs in USA figures can also impact based on the course you choose, the university you study in, the skills and knowledge you have and other related reasons, your work salary will be determined accordingly. . 

Here is an overview of five such high paying jobs in USA based on top USA universities:

University NameCoursesAverage Salary
Stanford UniversityFinancial Services176,000 USD/year
Norwich UniversityMBA145,000 USD/year
Duke UniversityExecutive Management and Change210,000 USD/year
Hult International Business SchoolLogistics, Operations and Purchasing204,000 USD/year
McMaster UniversitySales and Business Development102, 000 USD/year

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Which City Offers The Highest Paying Careers In USA?

USA consists of multiple cities that have become a widely recognised choice especially amongst international students. While these USA cities are student friendly, a few of them do offer the best jobs in USA with high salary. Thus we have covered five such cities with the top paying jobs in USA:

CitiesAverage Median Salary
Los Angeles53,000 USD/year
Boston60,540 USD/year
New York59,060 USD/year
Seattle57,370 USD/year
Hartford55, 580 USD/year

Which State Provides Most Paid Jobs In USA?

Lastly, finding a job in USA , especially in the states which you reside in, can also help you find the best paid jobs in USA. Most of the states have great companies that are recognized and are contributing well towards the USA economy. Here are five such example:

StatesAverage Median Salary
Columbia88,702 USD/year
Massachusetts81,123 USD/year
Connecticut80,530 USD/year
New Jersey76,727 USD/year
New York76,450 USD/year

How To Find Best Jobs In USA With High Salary?

What is the easiest way to find the best jobs in USA with high salary?

USA has multiple job boards that help you find your dream job. Here is an overview of the popular choices:

  1. USA Jobs. Gov: This is one of the most popular job sites for students to access. You can add the keyword, location and other filters to find the ideal job openings that match your interests.
  2. Linkedin: Linkedin is another great place to search for jobs. You can set the notifications on so that you’re aware of the type of jobs available that will match your skills and knowledge. 
  3. Indeed: Indeed is also another great choice to consider when searching for jobs in USA. The job portal lets you instantly send your resume and apply to your dream companies without any hassle. 
  4. Glassdoor: Glassdoor is a popular job site when students look for jobs in USA. The portal exhibits information related to available jobs as well as reviews of top companies. 
  5. Part-time/Internship: Having an internship can get you converted into a full time employee in USA. Based on your work and efforts, a company can retain you into an employee. 

USA is the main headquarters for recognised brands of today such as Amazon, American Express, etc. Pursuing a career here can help you work in the best paid jobs in USA, thus securing your financial needs. Now that you’re aware of the highest paid professions in USA, it’s time to align your educational qualifications and career choices together. If you have any other queries related to highest salary jobs in USA, our Visa Counsellors are here to help. 

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