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Thor : Love and Thunder | Hammer is back with a gay aspect

The mightiest avenger is back with his divine masculinity and a hint of satire.

Thor : Love and Thunder |  Hammer is back with a gay aspect


Taika Waititi’s directed movie has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of just 66%, the fourth-lowest of any film in the superhero cinematic universe. This apparently makes it worse than 2008’s The Incredible Hulk (67%), which definitely does point out on something.

But how reliable all this is? Honestly, if you enjoy the movie, you they enjoy the movie! It ultimately comes down to your taste. Obviously, there is this cosmic nuttiness that one might expect from a movie like Thor. Other than this the comeback of Natalie Portman to the role of Jane Foster (now the Mighty Thor)   has been the talk of the town and also the movie being called as ‘super-gay’ by the Waititi.


The first trailer where Jane Foster stripped Thor naked upset many men. They if the tables would have turned it would have upsetted the liberals to very great extent. They pointed out that objectification of men is equally wrong.

Thor : Love and Thunder |  Hammer is back with a gay aspect


Gorr-the god butcher, was supposed to be the greatest marvel villain of all time according to the kiwi film maker. He did try to achieve so by adding on every element to the role, which kind of messed it up. Many felt that his reason to destroy gods was not rational and creative. Some also believe Bale was not the right person for the role. He took the role by his throat, like he always does and gave it the fictional intensity, which made Gorr disappointingly dull.


Russel Crowe played legendary Greek god who was apparently worshipped by Gorr. And his betrayal made Gorr, the god butcher!  Although, Russel’s acting skills stood up for him but the accent was questionable. Audience is still confused whether it was Greek, Turkish, or Russian?

Thor : Love and Thunder | Hammer is back with a gay aspect


Marvel definitely won points for the diversity, as Perry the rock monster come out as gay and the bisexual goddess, King Valkyrie, kissed another woman’s hand to show interest. Although, many Christian group stood against this. But the other audience applauded for marvel for bringing the concept of gay superheroes.


The movie as its previous parts came up with satire and Thor’s mighty muscles and mightier hammer. Jane Foster played an important role and was displayed bigger superhero than Thor considering she played the Centre part in the battle. Obviously, we loved the gay aspect the most. In nutshell, it is a light superhero comic!

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