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‘This will be awesome’: Elon Musk leaks Twitter’s Hunter Biden files

The tech billionaire’s (Elon Musk) latest move is likely to make him even more endearing to conservatives and could push social media platforms deeper into political controversy.

‘This will be awesome’: Elon Musk leaks Twitter's Hunter Biden files

Elon Musk is fueling controversy on a new front by revealing on Twitter his careful internal deliberations over Hunter Biden’s fall 2020 personal computer files.

On Friday night, Twitter’s new owner helped leak documents on his personal account. It’s the latest sign that the tech billionaire continues to steer the platform in favor of conservatives and libertarians. Ahead of the midterm elections, Musk urged his supporters to vote Republican. Last month, he reinstated former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account after participating in an unofficial online poll.

The internal debate that preceded mask ownership provided a glimpse of the dissent and confusion within Twitter when responding to the New York Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s filings in the final weeks of the recent presidential campaign. offer.

POLITICO has not independently verified correspondence given to his Substack author Matt Taibbi, a longtime critic of online censorship and mainstream media. Taibbi unraveled some of the leaks in his long Twitter thread on Friday night.

Musk teased the event in Taibbi’s tweet hours before the event was swarming, promising it was “going to be great” and suggesting he was personally involved in the preparations.

‘This will be awesome’: Elon Musk leaks Twitter's Hunter Biden files

“We’re checking some facts, so can start tweeting live in about 40 minutes,” Musk tweeted as users awaited the promised revelations. His latest controversial move comes before the dust settles from his latest act, suggesting that Musk blocked Ye’s account after the rapper tweeted, “I love Hitler.”

In the current contours of the culture wars, the right embraces the mantle of free speech, while the centrist and left advocate greater restrictions on online expression, citing concerns about disinformation and hate speech. October Since taking control of Twitter in 2018, Musk has endeared himself to the right and infuriated the left with his laissez-faire moderate approach.

Last week, the rich person hinted that he could launch records approximately Twitter’s position in suppressing the New York Post’s reports, tweeting, “This is important to repair public trust.”

Hunter Biden’s leaked laptop files — which shed mild on his chaotic non-public existence and foreign places commercial enterprise dealing — in addition to Twitter’s coping with of the leak had been the topics of ongoing controversy for the beyond years.

‘This will be awesome’: Elon Musk leaks Twitter's Hunter Biden files

Twitter first of all blocked hyperlinks to the New York Post’s reporting, going to this point as to save you customers from sharing them in non-public messages, first of all bringing up its coverage on hacked and stolen materials, however reversed itself days later.

When the Post refused to delete a tweet approximately the story, Twitter suspended the outlet’s account for greater than weeks, earlier than reversing the suspension on October 30, 2020, lengthy after it had lifted different regulations at the story.

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In the aftermath, Twitter’s then-CEO, Jack Dorsey, stated he regretted the platform’s choice to censor the story.

At a debate following the Post’s preliminary publication, then-candidate Joe Biden known as the reporting a “Russian plant,” brought up a letter through former intelligence officers pronouncing the disclosure “has all of the conventional earmarks of the operation of a Russian record.”

Trump’s then Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said there was no evidence that the story was the result of a Russian disinformation campaign.

In a post-campaign interview with ABC News, Hunter Biden said he wasn’t sure if the gear belonged to him, but “certainly” it could have been.

In the two years since the New York Post article, journalists have utilized both traditional reporting techniques and technical analysis to confirm the majority of the cache, but the possibility that counterfeit or manipulated material was inserted into the cache is unlikely. remain.

His September 2021 book by a POLITICO reporter concluded that the files his cache was “at least largely authentic.”

In March, The New York Times reported that cached emails related to Hunter Biden’s overseas business had been authenticated by people familiar with them. Later that month, The Washington Post investigated the files. have concluded that 22,000 cached emails are genuine.

CBS News reported last month that forensic analysis of the files it commissioned found no evidence of tampering.

Hunter Biden remains the subject of a Justice Department criminal investigation focused on his tax. he denied any wrongdoing.

The House Republican who tweeted a tribute to Musk in October plans to investigate Hunter Biden’s deal when he takes over Congress next month.

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