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Is Transformers: Raise of the Beasts A Prequel-Movie Timeline Explained

The Transformers franchise continues with Transformers.

Rise of the Beasts, and that’s how movies fit into a complex timeline: The multi-billion dollar movie franchise is in the midst of a reset after director Michael Bay’s five films is. Transformer:

Rise of the Beasts is Paramount’s latest example of pushing the franchise in a new direction, and the film finally brings the fan-favorite Beast Wars characters to the big screen. The inclusion of famous Autoboots such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee helps tie Transformers 7 to other entries in the franchise.

Questions about whether Transformers despite their return:

Rise of the Beasts is set to remain a prequel in the cinematic timeline. The answer is not so simple because of the timeline of the Transformers franchise. Transformer:

Rise of the Beasts is a prequel to the Michael Bay movie, but it takes place after the events of Bumblebee. While Bay’s films were set in his late 2000s to his early 2010s, Bumblebee appeared in his 1987.

Rise of the Beasts takes place seven years after him in 1994 and will be both a prequel and sequel to various entries in the larger Transformers franchise.

Why Rise Of The Beasts Is A Prequel To Bay’s Transformers Movies (& Not A Sequel)

The decision to make a Transformer:

Rise of the Beast, a sequel to Michael Bay’s Transformers films, has hinted at Paramount’s plans for the franchise. The idea of ​​making a movie allows the franchise to be a little more nostalgic. This means including characters that haven’t yet been introduced like Optimums Primal from Transformers 7, but Optimums Prime introduced by Bumblebee. And it also means to keep Bumblebee’s G1 design.

Rather than trying to build the future of the franchise after Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, Transformers:

Rise of the Beasts is a chance for the series to fill in some gaps. As Bumblebee proved, this has to have some serious readjustments, but it gives the film a pretty fresh reset. Entries made after the transformer:

Last Night is technically a sequel to Michael Bay’s films, and we’ll have to figure out where we left off the franchise. It’s movement.

What Rise of the Beasts’ Timeline Means for the Transformers Franchise

The Rise of the Beasts prequel timeline is crucial to the future of the franchise. Paramount already has plans for movies to kick off a new Transformers trilogy. His two planned sequels are also prequels to Michael Bay films. Depending on the amount of time it covers, the film can even bring audiences pretty close to where the original 2007 film begins. means ahead. This suggests that Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and others should still be present in Michael Bay’s movie timeline, so it’s safe for the trilogy.

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