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House of The Dragon Season 2: What We Can Expect From Next Season

The 1st season of House of the Dragons finished with a bang, with the lucerysTargaryen’s death the Dance of the Dragons now begin and claimed its first important victim and with the death of lucerys Targaryen there is no point of return from the civil war between the Blacks and the Greens.

At the end of the final episode, we can tell by looking at Rhaenyra’s expression that queen Rhaenyra Targaryen is very angry with the Luke her second older son’s death.

After Aemond demands one eye for an eye from lucerys, who had preliminarily dazed him, an inner skirmish turns into an upstanding battle between Luke’s dragon, Arrax, and the most enormous dragon in the world, Vhagar.

As both dragons defy their riders, Luke and Arrax pay the ultimate price. It’s bloody and heart breaking to see Vhagar’s giant jaws fix down on her prey, with Arrax’s breathless bodies and remains falling through the shadows below. What’s maybe indeed more surprising is Aemond’s response He looks maybe for the first time in his life troubled by what he has done.

What Showrunners Have to Say About the Ending of The First Season of HOD

Ryan J. Condal, House of The Dragon series creator and the showrunner, describes the moment after Luke’s and Arrax’s deaths as the last vestiges of the little boy that’s left wing in Aemond in HBO’s Inside the occasion. 

Perhaps Aemond was only trying to scarify Lucerys Targaryen, but I don’t suppose eventually he intended to kill him in the book, it was all intended by Aemond and he wants to kill luke but in the show, the showrunners decide to show Aemond as an innocent and he just tries to scare him But now he’s and veghar done it, and he has to decide whether or not he’s going to enjoy it in his trip back to King’s Realm.

So what we are going to see in season 2 next and what leaves us for Season Two? Condal, in an interview with Variety, said the second season of the House of The Dragons would begin filming in 2023 with a release date that is revealed in 2024.

We Can See House Stark in Season 2

In the house of the dragon’s first season-ending, Rhaenyra the black queen makes the cataclysmal choice to send her two oldest sons down from Dragonstone to retain implicit abettors.

It ends up being very bad and costs of her second eldest son’s life decision, with Luke losing his life in trouble with Aemond. Will the same fate await her eldest son, Jace, last seen heading North for gaining the support of the north for the war between Targaryen’s No spoilers there, but the person Rhaenyra sends Jace to meet — Cregan Stark, and he is currently is Lord of Winterfell, and the warden of the North — feels like a guaranteed appearance in season two.

The quantum of time spent in House Stark’s familiar stomping grounds is a good question on the board, but unless the show veers hectically off script, count on some snow in your season two cast.

What are The Greens’ and the Blacks’ Next steps After Lucerys Death?

At the end of the show after killing luke, the one-eye Aemond presumably flies back to King’s realm to deliver the bad news to the Greens, who have been consolidating power among the lords. Their stylish defense falsehoods with the symbols of legality for Aegon’s rule, including his public coronation by the High Septon. The greens(queen alicent side)also have the power of the storeroom, further men and arms, and access to the Lannisters ’ coffers in the west. 

On the other side, it’s surprising to see Team Black doesn’t have the support of a huge army but they have dragons. After learning the news, Daemon Targaryen plans to visit the Riverlands to get the Tully’s support and also take over Harrenhal, the centrally located but cursed castle whose lord is now Larys Strong(aka The Littlefeet?). Jace is transferred to solidify alliances with the Starks of Winterfell and the men of the north.

Meanwhile, Corlys, the Sea Snake, reveals the once times spent fighting the Triarchy haven’t been in vain, as he and his line have erected a garrison at the Stepstones and now control the Narrow ocean. That means the Blacks can produce a total leaguer of the shipping lanes and cut off all trade and trips to King’s Landing. Rhaenys flies out on her dragon Meleys (the red queen) to patrol the area of Gullet, with the idea that they can force a rendition after segregating the megacity and attacking the king’s landing.

All Those were the plans at least before Rhaenyra come to know about Lule’s ’ death. Judging from the look and expression on her face in the ending moments of the show’s finale, we can say that she wants revenge will be high on her list in the coming season.

Who Are The Dragon Seeds and Can We See More Dragons in The Next Season?

Grounded on the timeline we shouldn’t get to see the Sowing of the Seeds aka The Red Sowing in the second season. Though Daemon’s conduct on occasion 10 feels to suggest that we might see this sooner rather than latterly. Dragon seeds are the supposed bastard children of Targaryens that live on Dragonstone. In an attempt to make use of the wild and riderless dragons that live on the islet, the Blacks offer knighthoods, lands, and riches to any man or woman who can claim a dragon and participate in a war with blacks. This bloody event will be quite the spectacle if we’re lucky enough to see it eventually in Season 2.

What About The Song of Ice and Fire?

Pressure mounts between Rhaenyra and Daemon in the homestretch as they buffet over strategy; Daemon has been staying for war his entire life while Rhaenyra understands commodity much lesser is at stake. 

She tells the demon You know my pledge reaches beyond our particular intentions, right before in a shocking move he starts to choke her. Rhaenyra realizes that Viserys noway participated with Daemon in the augury of Aegon the Conqueror about the unborn Targaryen rescuer who would unite the realm against the darkness to come.

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