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Best investment app of 2022

Best investment app of 2022

Investing seems more accessible than ever. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or lean towards market research and trade execution – or fall somewhere in between – the right investment app can help you achieve your goals with ease.

Our list leans towards so-called robot advisors – which use algorithms to manage your investments – because, in many ways, they feel the most accessible to the average investor. ; Fees and minimum balances are generally low, and your overall goal can help create a diversified, personalized portfolio that doesn’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance. But we have also included several online brokers that offer both active trading for practicing investors and automated portfolios for passive investors.

Our expert panel for this guide

We consulted our own financial advisors, investment experts, and wealth-building journalists to provide information on our picks for good investment apps. best. You will find full transcripts of our interviews at the bottom of this page.

 We focus on the qualities that make investing apps and brokerage accounts most useful. When comparing apps, you should consider fees, investment options, account types, and investment education resources.

Best investment app of 2022

Infinite Trading App

Start earning from your day and get the highest interest on all your investments. At Infinite Trading, we pay you more for your coins. We help you with getting the real value for your money. Don’t get misled by the other companies and invest in us for a secure future.

Many people know that one of the most profitable ways to earn money on the Internet is an investment. Investment has gained popularity for the simple reason that it allows you to analyze markets without knowing the economy. And this is its great advantage. Thus, every segment of the population has access to investments, even people without professional education.

Investment in India without any risk is like a dream that is not so easy. But we are making things happen real. We are providing an infinite solution to invest and grow risk-free.

The infinite Trading app is a proprietary investment platform owned by Infinite Trading Private Limited. It is a safe and secured app with a simple, clean, and beautifully designed interface that allows investors to invest in Fixed and recurring deposits. It is an evolving app with many advanced features and products lined up to be added to the app in a phased manner. With the changing digital era, it aims to be an all-in-one online.

Infinite Trading Stands For

Customers First

Every decision we make is centered around our customer’s needs & convenience

Simple is beautiful

Be it our app or service – we strive to keep making things simpler.

Honesty & Integrity

We want our customers to be completely aware of everything to do with their investments.


More about Infinite Trading Affiliate System

This mobile referral program from Infinite Trading provides another income for users, using the element of commission. How much and how you can earn from referring? Refer to find out!

The Infinite Trading app enables app users to Invest and earn without the usual commission fee. The brand quickly rose to fame, thanks to its prelaunch app referral program – the more friends you referred, the sooner you were able to get exciting offers. Now, Infinite Trading has made marketing magic happen again with this exciting referral program.

Referral CTA: “3% commission on referrals investments” (image pop-up), “Refer Now” (CTA button)

Referral message: “Refer and earn unlimited money”

Ways to refer: Copy and paste the referral link anywhere

Reward incentive: 3% commission on your friend’s investment, each and every time.

What’s more it features


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